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Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

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A recent report, by Royal London, has found that over 5.4 million UK adults do not have a Will and would not know where to start if they were to write one; The research indicated that 31% of those respondents who had made a Will in the past, had also lived through a significant life event like marriage (which invalidates a Will) or having a child. However, 53% had failed to update their Will following these monumental and life changing events.

Wills and estate planning can enable you to protect assets, shield loved ones from financial or practical difficulties and disputes, save tax and benefit valued individuals and causes ensuring your wishes are honoured. However, Wills and Estate Planning isn't just about passing on money and assets but also about making the most of life right now ensuring you have enough to live on to meet your goals.

Through instructing a professional, a relatively small time and financial investment today can reap manifold benefits tomorrow for those left behind and potentially for generations to come.


Lasting Power of Attorney

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Sadly there are situations where people become unable to make decisions about their own affairs. not only due to old age and dementia but also as a result of accident, illness or some other mental incapacity. This can happen at any age. In some instances people can make some decisions but need help with others. A lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is needed in these situations.

There are two types of LPA, Property and Financial Affairs and a Health and Welfare. Both allow someone (your attorney) to manage your affairs should you no longer be able to.

A little forward planning in setting up an LPA can avoid costly and time consuming court proceedings resulting in considerable stress and expense. Even essential, everyday transactions such as the use of a joint bank account can become impossible without an appropriate LPA should incapcity occur. Contact us about the two types of LPAs and how they can help protect you and your loved ones.


Estate Administration and Probate

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The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences most of us have to face and it's particularly hard that at these times there is much to organise, administer and arrange which can be complex and time consuming.

A lay person acting as an executor can find themselves dealing with a specialised and sometimes highly complex undertaking at an otherwise challenging time. This is when many will engage the services of a professional administrator to assist with the estate after bereavement.

This then helps to avoid getting out of their depth and it's associated consequences and also alleviates the responsibility for getting things right for the beneficiaries some of whom might question the executor's activities. In the long term choosing a professional can save considerable time and expense. Contact us to discuss further.


Advising the Elderly and Vulnerable

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A recent study published in the Lancet Public Health journal, predicts that people aged 85 and over, requiring 24-hour care, will double by 2035 and a million people aged over 65 will also need similar 24-hour care by 2035.

This has far reaching consequences raising issues of capacity to make decisions, advice on rules concerning care fees and how to legally mitigate them, protecting the family home and savings and arranging funeral plans.

Goldcrest Legal Services endeavours to make the transition towards later life as smooth and as financially efficient as possible. We are also able to advise on preparing Wills and Trusts to protect vulnerable dependents. Contact us today for further information.


About Us

Goldcrest Legal Services was founded by Marina Brierley.  After obtaining a degree in Economics and Economic History at University College London, Marina went on to study law and qualified as a solicitor in 1995.  Having gained several years experience working in Housing Civil Litigation, a career break to raise and teach her children followed, together with volunteering in the community.

Marina now specialises in private client matters and is motivated to provide the highest standard of service.  In her spare time she enjoys walking, gardening, cooking, ornithology and music.

We Can Help if...

you need to apply to become a deputy for an elderly relative who has lost the ability to manage their affairs and who didn't register a Lasting Power of Attorney. Your relative may also need a Statutory Will

you're a parent, grandparent, godparent, aunt, uncle or someone else who has a concern that children and grandchildren are at risk if they receive or inherit too much too soon. We can create a trust to hold the assets until the children are older and wiser.

(i) you are named as executor in a Will and are overwhelmed by the responsibility, too distressed or simply too busy to act at a time of loss or in need of urgent help with practical as well as legal matters, (ii) a named executor has died, moved away or has otherwise become incapable of acting or (iii) you have recently lost a relative or friend who died without making a Will and there is no one able or willing to administer the estate.

you have a son or daughter or someone else you would like to benefit who has a disability or is in some other way vulnerable and in need of special care; or for some other reason be incapable of managing their own financial affairs. In any of these situations cash, shares, property or other forms of wealth can be placed into a suitable family trust and those who manage the trust have full discretion on how the beneficiaries are helped with the funds.

you are a business owner who wants to ensure your business continues and your loved ones are protected should anything happen to you.

you are concerned that by giving away in your Will all your wealth to a spouse/partner, the money may be spent or invested unwisely, so that little or nothing will remain for your children to enjoy. We can create a Will trust to ensure capital is protected for children but without loss to a surviving spouse of any benefit during their widow(er)hood.

you currently have an aged dependant – perhaps a widowed mother who would need continuing care should you die before them. We can create a trust to hold sufficient capital to continue to help them. At the passing of your elderly relative the funds can then return to you or go to other family members.

you are concerned about funding later life care and wish to have the most recent, ethical advice on how to best look after your interests.

You are approaching or are already over the threshold for Inheritance Tax (IHT) and wish to ensure your Will is as tax efficient as possible and that through IHT estate planning you make the most of all the reliefs and exemptions available to you.

You wish to make provision for someone who would not receive a legacy according to the laws of Intestacy if you died without a Will , or you would like to ensure that a pet is cared and provided for.

you have an adult son or daughter in danger of bankruptcy, has dependency issues or is in an unstable marriage or other relationship. In any of these situations cash, shares, property or other forms of wealth can be placed into a suitable family trust managed by trustees with complete discretion regarding ways in which your son or daughter is helped financially whilst they receive support.

you would like to know more about charitable giving through your Will, and how it can benefit both you and the charities. We also can also assist with more information on worthy local charities.

And through our business associates we can help with advice on how to maximise wealth through lifetime financial planning including investments and pensions, releasing equity tied up in your home or ensuring funeral costs are taken care of and delivered by a caring and professional local funeral director

Above are just some of the ways Goldcrest Legal Services can assist.

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Why Choose Us?

Clear and thorough communication with regular case updates throughout.

Fewer overheads therefore competitive rates.

Remote working and COVID-19 compliant home visits and appointments.

Comprehensive areas of work but also a bespoke and individual service.

A commitment to quality and excellence

Professional, ethical and fully insured.

Price transparency

Value packages for Wills and LPAs.

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Definitely Satisfied with the service provided

- Mr D. Lloyd, Polegate

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- Mrs J. Beaumont, Eastbourne

Everything went smoothly

- Anon, Eastbourne.

Very pleased and happy with each visit from Goldcrest Legal Services to sort out both our wills and trusts. Great care and time taken to explain to us in simple terms all aspects of our wills and trusts so that we understood everything. We thought that the price was very fair

- Mr G. King and Mrs J King, Hastings.

Very happy!, made everything easy and made me feel very comfortable, thank you again.

- Mrs S. Masters, Eastbourne.

Very happy with the price and service. Communication was good. Service was exceptional and I would definitely recommend.

- Ms H. Crouch, Polegate

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This firm complies with the IPW Code of Practice

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Goldcrest Legal Services Ltd as a company is regulated by the IPW rather than the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).  The Institute of Professional Will Writers which has been in existence for more than 25 years is a not-for-profit self-regulatory organisation, attracting members from a range of areas including private practice and financial services, as well as solicitors, barristers and accountants.

Consumer protection is central and the IPW works directly with such organisations as the Legal Services Board, the Competition and Markets Authority, the Office of the Public Guardian and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute to raise and enforce standards.

All members operate through a Code of Practice which is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and:

carry at least £2 million Professional Indemnity insurance cover per client

carry at least £5 million Public Liability insurance cover

undergo a Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure

undertake Continuous Professional Development to ensure that advice is accurate and reflects best practice


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